Wellness in the Workplace

One of our favorite things to do is deliver happiness and harmony to others, especially to those who work hard and don't always have the time to schedule a massage. We want to help! A lot of the time you and your employees are in a position where you are helping or serving others, let us do the same for you. We not only offer timely & professional onsite massage but we also go beyond the massage chair to offer corporate yoga and wellness classes.

Chair Massage

On-Site Massage

Imagine everyone's faces when you tell them the fantastic news! You've scheduled a certified massage therapist to spend 15 or 30 minutes easing their sore muscles and tense minds to soothe away headaches and neck pain. Chair massage will breathe new life into the daily grind.

It relieves tension, while instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment. Rejuvenated employees leads to an increase in work productivity and quality.

Everybody benefits with chair massage. We come to you as licensed and insured massage therapists with portable and professional massage equipment. We will arrive early to set up our equipment in a designated area where you can send your employees for a relaxing massage (ie. break rooms, conference rooms, empty cubicles, etc).

Yoga: Simply Harmonious

Emily Tidwell, LMT and RYT certified massage therapist from Hands of Chi and gentle Yoga instructor is proud to introduce Simply Yoga.

Let your body and mind restore into a simply harmonious state for a fundamental look into the basics of traditional yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, meditation, and breath.

Wellness Classes

We work with corporate wellness programs to devise a customized series of classes to help increase employee productivity, performance and well being. For more information contact us for a quote about potential payment options.

Pain & Posture Class

With Emily & Brad's extensive knowledge and experience with Yoga and Meditative Movement they truly believe in the power of how our posture can enhance our health or hurt it. Posture is the foundation of living a pain free life. This class provides the knowledge to live a smarter and more active life as well as increase overall performance. Great for all walks of life and fitness levels.

Natural Living

Emily & Brad enjoy living a healthy life free of toxins and full of natural solutions to life's little emergencies. In this class you will learn how to use essential oils and other natural products for everything from cleaning your home to cleansing your body. You will also get to experience first hand how simple this can be by making your own skin care or cleaning product in class to use at home!