4 Hands™ Massage

Massage alone already calms the nervous system allowing for a relaxation of muscle tension, but with the addition of another therapist to iron out the kinks and knots, you’ll experience a simply harmonious 4 Hands™ Massage!

Brad and Emily started working together in session in 2011 and after getting a long running of great feedback they decided to perfect the tandem massage into something amazing. They were finding out that they could do more in one session than could be done in two or more. Emily and Brad combine the elements of their own personal styles and strengths allowing them to customize the session before and even during the massage. Through the combination of their techniques: one therapist soothes the mind and body, while the other tackles the tough issues at hand. This allows the 4 Hands™ Massage to:

  • Guide you in achieving a deeper relaxation as the mind is soothed by the harmonious flow of two massage therapists
  • Generate and sustain longer therapeutic results such as:
    • A deeper and longer relaxation of muscles
    • Soothes out the adhesions of your fascia
    • Increase flexibility and blood flow
    • Detoxification of your muscles
    • Stress Reduction
    • Chi rejuvenation and increase in energy
    • Shorter recovery time from injuries and surgeries

With both therapists working in tandem using different but complementary techniques, the effects are exponential and invaluable. The 4 Hands™ Massage is an experience that you will never forget – because you will soon realize that 4 Hands™ are forever better than 2!

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