Wellness Classes

We work with corporate wellness programs to devise a customized series of classes to help increase employee productivity, performance and well being. For more information contact us for a quote about potential payment options.

Simply Harmonious Yoga

Join Emily as she helps your body and mind restore in to a simply harmonious state through gentle, beginner friendly, and stress relieving Yoga.  She guides her students through a customized Yoga sequence, using her background and love of Yin & Restorative Yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, meditation, and breath work.  Emily loves bringing Yoga to corporate environments, schedule her to bring some peace to your team today.

“Mindful Mondays with Emily have been a welcome addition to our office culture.  I have enjoyed the peace and calm that this practice brings into my life in the middle of what usually is the busiest day of the week so I can better serve our clients.  This is coming from someone who had never practiced yoga.  Thanks for practicing with us Emily.” – TJ Caballero (HR, Higginbotham Insurance)

Mindfulness Seminar 

Emily and Brad have enjoyed studying various mindfulness techniques over their lifetimes so far and often feel compelled to share what they have learned with others.  Bringing their knowledge to the workplace environment is something they are very passionate about because they believe in finding harmony in all areas of life for true health.  Schedule Emily or Brad to provide a Mindfulness Seminar for your employees and inspire more clarity, well being, and productivity around the office.

“If your organization is new to employee wellness or has had a formal program for some time, I encourage you to consider onsite options provided by Hands of Chi. As a wellness professional, I am always looking for well-trained instructors that can provide classes that will not only improve employees physical but also mental health as well. Yoga classes and Mindfulness Lunch & Learns have allowed our employees to understand the importance of self-care and living a harmonious life. Work deadlines, family responsibilities, etc. will allows exist, but Hands of Chi has taught each of us how to better manage life’s stressors through breathing techniques, journaling, and acceptance for ourselves and others.” – Melissa Lupo (Wellness & Health Risk Management, Higginbotham Ins.)

Pain & Posture Seminar

With Emily & Brad’s extensive knowledge and experience with Yoga and meditative movement they truly believe in the power of how our posture can enhance our health or hurt it. Posture is the foundation of living a pain free life and our cultural habits often contribute to poor posture. Bringing this Pain & Posture Seminar to the workplace provides the knowledge for your team to live a smarter and more active life as well as increase overall performance. Great for all walks of life and fitness levels.


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