We customize every massage based on your preferences, expectations, and needs which may change from time to time. These services are a general idea of the healing techniques we offer.

Harmonious 4 Hands™ Massage

Emily and Brad work in sync together using different yet complementary techniques of relaxing and therapeutic massage to benefit the mind, body, and spirit exponentially. We combine the sensational elements of our own personal styles and strengths, allowing us to truly customize the session for you before and even during the massage. Massage alone already calms the nervous system allowing for a relaxation of muscle tension, but add another therapist to iron out the kinks and knots and you truly have a harmonious 4 hand massage. Learn more…

Therapeutic Massage

Relieve chronic pain, repair, and heal with a Therapeutic/Deep Tissue style massage to help free up restrictions in fascia. Perfect for athletes or anyone with chronic pain related to training, injuries, or high stress. Fascia is the connective tissue between the skin and muscle as well as around each individual muscle which becomes bound up during intense exercise, injury, and surgery leading to pain and immobility. A variety of techniques will be used to free up restrictions in fascia and release core knots allowing for better blood flow, flexibility, and stamina.

Relaxation Massage

Deeply relax and rejuvenate with a Swedish style massage. This massage is perfect for supporting anyone with high stress, chronic pain, depression, or trauma. The added aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils further helps you unwind and let go.

Pregnancy Massage

Rest & nourish your body, mind, and spirit with a healing Prenatal massage. This is a wonderful way to connect with your growing baby and receive loving support as your body changes. Studies show that women who receive regular massage throughout their pregnancy have a lower likelihood of complications and less pain while giving birth. Enjoy the added aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils to help you and your baby relax further.


Pricing Table


Service Type30 Mins.60 Mins.90 Mins.120 Mins.
4 Hands™ Massage$179$270
Therapeutic Massage$39$88$119$179
Relaxation Massage$39$88$119$179
Pregnancy Massage$88$119

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We believe that it is very important to use the highest quality lotion during your massage to protect you, ourselves and the environment from harmful chemicals and toxins which are easily absorbed through the skin. Our massage lotion is vegan, paraben free, and nut oil free.

We also enjoy using the power of certified therapeutic grade essential oils during each session, to help promote overall peace and well-being.