Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I expect during my first visit?
For your first visit with us, your therapist(s) will go over your health history and customize a massage plan to your specific wants and needs. Then, your therapist(s) will leave the room and allow you to undress and lie down in between the sheets. The therapist(s) will knock on the door and wait for your permission to re-enter the room and begin your massage. After the session has ended, your therapist(s) will leave the room to fetch you some water and allow you to get dressed. He/she will be waiting for you outside of the massage room ready to discuss your session, answer questions, and collect payment.
Do I have to be completely undressed?
No. You may always undress to your comfort level and all areas not being worked on will be draped properly. We do suggest removing all clothing for a massage that requires lotion (under bottoms may be left on). We also offer bodywork sessions that do not require you to be undressed at all. Please ask us about different options.
Will I be covered up with a sheet?
Yes, you will be covered up with a sheet and a blanket. Proper draping protocol for security and comfort will be provided at all times.
What do I do during a massage treatment?
It’s important for you to know that this is your massage session and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and speak up if your therapist(s) do something that is not to your liking. Some clients choose to talk and others choose to be silent or take a nap.
Can I talk during the massage?
Of course! We love talking with our clients and we always ask that you speak up if we ever do anything that doesn’t feel good. Some people find it relaxing to talk and others do not. It’s totally up to you.
How long will my massage treatment last?
Our typical massage session is 60 minutes of hands on massage. We also offer 90 min and 120 min sessions upon request.
Will the massage hurt?
That will depend on the style of massage requested. A relaxing Swedish massage should not hurt unless it’s one of those “oh yeah that hurts so good spots.” Although, a deep tissue/sports/therapeutic massage may be a bit painful but should leave you feeling awesome afterwards. And please remember that you can speak up at any time to let your therapist(s) know to back off a bit.
How will I feel after the massage?
Most people feel very relaxed, lighter, looser, and a bit sleepy. We suggest having a seat in our peaceful lobby with a glass of water for a few minutes before going about your day. After the sleepiness passes, you should will feel revitalized and focused.
How often should I get a massage?
We often suggest a monthly massage but that will depend on your specific needs. Rehabilitating massage or chronic pain issues will most likely require more frequent visits.
How many sessions will I need?
That will depend on your specific needs. We strive to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.
What kind of lotion or other products will be used during the massage?
We believe that it is very important to use the highest quality lotion during your massage to protect you, us, and the environment from harmful chemicals and toxins which are easily absorbed through the skin. Our massage lotion is vegan, paraben free, and nut oil free. We also use the healing power of certified therapeutic grade essential oils to promote happiness, relaxation, and over all well-being. Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns and we can customize the oil blend we use by accessing our knowledge and education in natural medicine.

We strive to use high quality, toxin free, and eco-friendly massage cream, essential oils, and other pain relieving products.

How can I pay?
We accept cash, credit, and check. We are also open to discussing a trade/barter option so please just ask.
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