“I love every other Wednesday at work when Brad and Emily from Hands of Chi are on site and offering massages. This job can get pretty intense sometimes and the release of a great massage is much needed. These guys are AMAZING! In 15 minutes, each of them is able to get to all the trigger points and send me on my way ready to finish out the day more zen. I wish they came every Wednesday…….or better yet every day!”

“Brad and Emily are a dynamic duo and I was blown away by the 4 Hand Massage I experienced from them! From the moment I arrived for my appointment I was already beginning to relax because their space is very calming and inviting. They talked with me and asked if I had any areas of concern that they should focus on. I explained a back injury in my lower back that gives me constant pain, and that I repeatedly keep injuring. During the massage I could tell that they had listened because it seemed like they were really focusing on that area. I felt a ton of relief and it was wonderful! One surprise was the amount of relief I felt in my shoulders and neck. They had noticed that I held a lot of stress up there and had really worked on that area as well. It is remarkable to me how perceptive and intuitive they both are. They are so skilled and the relief I felt in my neck was overwhelming. I didn’t even realize how tense it was! I will definitely be back, and I have felt great for a week!”

“Brad and Emily are amazing. They really focus on you and YOUR body and what it needs. Especially in their four hands massage where Brad goes in to break up those knots but instead of feeling the pain, your mind gets confused with Emily’s soothing massage. Your brain won’t know which path to follow and then all you have left to do is to just drift off. How awesome is that?! Thank you so much for keeping me sane, I feel like working with you guys these last few months have allowed my body to relax and actually recuperate tremendously!”

“One of the richest ways that I have expressed my gratitude to my hard-working team members has been to provide in-house massage sessions at my office.  They have made me look like a hero!  Giving health and wellness is just about the best gift you can give your team!”
Sweeten CPA

I have run over 70 marathons and have used massage therapy for over 7 years. I also spend a lot of time traveling and at the computer. Brad’s techniques have been the best I’ve ever experienced, especially for muscle and shoulder recovery. I would recommend him to any athlete or person who works out. His massage makes a great difference for me. I’m always impressed with Brad’s ability to recognize key target areas to work on with no supervision. That is my measure of a talented massage therapist.

“The best part of our week is yoga with Emily.  For one hour our conference room becomes a place of peace and tranquility where friends and coworkers come together to get away from it all.  By the time I get back to my desk, I feel relaxed as well as energized.”

“I received a gift card for a 90 minute massage from a friend. Brad did a wonderful job of working on knots and tight areas. He was very knowledgeable on my knee issue and helped suggest some things for me to do at home. I highly recommend him!”

“I love Hands of Chi at my workplace because they make me smile and make me feel amazing!”

“I have seen Emily for over 7 years now. She is simply the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She sets the bar so high when we are on vacations and I consider going for spa time, I know no one will match up to how incredible she is. Emily quickly becomes in tune with your body and what it needs.”

“OK people, if you never had a 4 hands massage with Emily and Brad, you are really missing out!! Their expertise and good energy were obvious while they are working their magic around my stiff, achy body. I couldn’t figure out whose nimble hands to concentrate on (both sets were hitting all the right spots), so it forced me into a blissful state some where in between. Honestly, if you’ve never experienced this, make an appointment NOW. It is very special.”

“I’m so glad our company found Emily to be our Yoga instructor. She has such a calming, compassionate demeanor and it is truly a joy to practice with her each week.”

“My massage with Brad today was an amazing experience. The setting was warm and relaxing. Brad was able to work out all of my stress and I left refocused and invigorated. You have not had a massage unless you have had one with the Hands of Chi.”

“Emily and Brad are incredible therapists and more importantly, they’re incredible people. Through and through, they’re genuine, talented, and kind. If you have the opportunity to work with them or receive their services, consider yourself lucky.”

“Wow! I’ve never had a 4 handed massage before and Emily and Brad nailed it. I so needed this because my body has been out of whack. They both have their own style so blended together it was both relaxing and just what my muscles needed. I highly recommend!”

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